Teaching Programmes


Pathology case videos : (included in registration fee)

This section includes videos of cases with a short history, photomicrographs and topographical descriptions of various anatomical fields (cell cytology and histology) (one video for each case) and discussion with regard to the differential diagnoses and the final diagnosis. All videos are supported by a voice recording. A brief update on recent aspects of the lesion are outlined with each case.

The above videos presently include cases of lesions on the thyroid, lymph nodes, kidney and breast. The duration of a video depending on any single case is of 10- 15 mins on an average.

New case videos will be uploaded from time to time for no extra cost. These will include various anatomical sites- salivary glands, skin, soft tissue, bone etc.


Quizzes Uploaded so far

Quizzes (cytology & histology) with photomicrographs and short histories are available. Answers for all have been provided.

In future a quiz will be uploaded from time to time as a routine and answers provided before the next quiz is put up.


Pathology recorded tutorials:

Videos are available on Tutorials/classes on various topics (in particular on complicated topics); as of now classes on various aspects of lympho-reticular system,  Bethesda Cervical Cytology, Kidney biopsy interpretation have been uploaded. Each class is of a duration of 30 mins and has a voice recording to support it.  Number of such tutorials will expand to include several more topics.


These are a set of knowledge testing questions updated regularly with answers. Additions will be made regularly at weekly intervals. Feel free to browse through.