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You cannot separate passion from pathology any more than you can separate a person’s spirit from his body.

Quiz Cases at Regular Intervals

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Photomicrographs of an interesting case with a brief history will be displayed at regular intervals. All viewers are requested to study these and arrive at a diagnosis. Diagnosis and likely differential diagnoses will be given below the history in due course. It is hoped that post graduates in particular will benefit and learn from these quizzes listed below.

Brain Teasers Added Weekly

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These are a set of knowledge testing questions updated regularly with answers. Additions will be made regularly at weekly intervals. Feel free to browse through.

Latest News

Pathology Laboratory techniques

Latest Book Release by Dr Shameem Shariff

31 May 2023

This book is aimed at providing a comprehensive knowledge on a single platform of all principles and procedures of Laboratory Medicine in Pathology. It’s a hands-on detail on all procedures carried out in the laboratory. It comprises of 2 parts. Part I heals with Haematology and Part II is dedicated to Cytology, Histology and other Sections in the laboratory like Museum techniques, Autopsy, Photography and Quality Control.

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